Why Become a Diesel Mechanic In Pennsylvania?

As more freight is shipped across the country, additional diesel-powered trucks will be needed. As a result, diesel mechanics will be in demand to maintain and repair the nation’s truck fleet. Demand for new workers in the freight trucking and automotive repair and maintenance industries is expected to drive overall diesel mechanic job growth. In fact, from 2012 to 2022 employment of diesel service technicians and mechanics grew by 9%, which means diesel mechanic is a good career option in Pennsylvania and beyond. Additionally, as older vehicles require retrofitting and modernization to comply with environmental regulations, even more jobs will be created for diesel mechanics.

Excellent Job Prospects

Employers are increasingly reporting difficulty in finding qualified workers across the country, including in Pennsylvania. Diesel mechanics without formal training require more on-the-job training and supervision than those who have received postsecondary education – this is expensive and time-consuming for employers. Those who have strong technical skills such as those learned at Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute will stand out from the crowd and are highly competitive candidates for diesel mechanic jobs in Pennsylvania and beyond.

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What are Some Important Qualities for a Successful Diesel Mechanic?

Being a qualified mechanic goes well beyond theoretical and hands-on learning, and encompasses the following skills.


Customer-service skills.

Diesel mechanics frequently talk to their customers about work that they have planned, started, or completed. They must be courteous, good listeners and ready to answer customers’ questions.



Mechanics need a steady hand and good hand-eye coordination for many tasks, such as disassembling engine parts, connecting or attaching components, or using hand tools.


Mechanical skills.

Diesel mechanics must be familiar with parts and components of engines, transmissions, braking mechanisms, and other complex systems. They must also be able to disassemble, work on, and reassemble parts and machinery.


Troubleshooting skills.

Diesel mechanics must be able to identify mechanical and electronic problems, make repairs, and offer a proper maintenance strategy. They must be familiar with electronic control systems and the appropriate tools needed to fix and maintain them.

Everything You Need

At CPDI, we work hard to ensure that our graduates have not only the technical skills needed, but also the more rounded business skills that make them great hires and great long-term employees. Our focus is on providing our diesel mechanic program graduates in Pennsylvania with the complete scope of skills required to have a career for life.


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