Pennsylvania Diesel Mechanic Recruitment Services

In addition to assisting our students with finding financing for their education, when the course has been completed, we are also pleased to offer mechanic and auto tech job placements in Pennsylvania and beyond- securing satisfactory employment upon completion of our program is the ultimate goal for CPDI, and for each and every one of our graduates.

Pennsylvania Mechanic Job Placement Services

Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute has a substantial list of employers who have hired our past graduates for auto tech jobs in Pennsylvania and elsewhere across the United States. We consistently add to this list as we develop contacts in the industry and seek out new places of employment for our graduates. We’ll also help graduates prepare their resume so that they are ready for their interviews.

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Training That Gets You Hired

Most employers require a high school diploma or equivalent. High school or postsecondary courses in automotive repair, electronics, and mathematics provide a strong educational background for a career as a diesel mechanic.
Many employers specifically look for workers with postsecondary training in diesel engine repair. Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute offers that training.
Upon completion of our course, you will have earned a diploma in Heavy-Duty Truck Diesel Repair and will be qualified for just about any entry-level mechanic job in Pennsylvania or elsewhere.

Practical Training + Hands-On Experience = Steady Employment

Your time here will help with job recruitment from top diesel mechanic employers in Pennsylvania and across the country. Diesel industry leaders know that graduates of CPDI not only have theoretical learning, but that they can also do the hands-on work that they require to maintain their diesel fleet.

Since the goal of our diesel mechanic recruitment services in the Pennsylvania is for every student to find rewarding, steady employment, our school mixes classroom instruction with hands-on training, including the basics of diesel technology, repair techniques and equipment, and practical exercises. This ensures that not only do you understand the concepts but that you are able to put them into action to repair diesel engines.

​Graduates usually advance quickly to journey worker status, which means they are expected to work with minimal supervision far more readily than a mechanic who did not receive formal training. This allows graduates to advance their careers more quickly, as well, and for potential employers to know that hiring a CPDI graduate is a ‘sure bet’. Contact us to learn more about the diesel mechanic recruitment services we offer to Pennsylvania students.

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