Pennsylvania Diesel Mechanic Program

CPDI’s diesel mechanic program in Pennsylvania prepares students for entry-level employment in all areas of diesel repair, maintenance, failure analysis and diagnosis.

What do we teach?

Before work begins in the hands-on shop area at our Pennsylvania facility, our diesel mechanic program provides theoretical instruction to lay the groundwork for each topic. Once in the shop, the student will be in a realistic setting with equipment that parallels the current industry standards – it’s as ‘real life’ as we can make it!

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What Does it Cost?

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As the top diesel mechanic program in Pennsylvania, CPDI offers one of the absolute best tuition-to-income rates on the job market.



Our tuition is $25,000 for 630 hours of training with an ASE Master Certified Instructor. That’s under $40 per instruction-hour!


The fee for supplies is $400, and includes a roller box, a tablet, and one CPDI logo t-shirt.


$100 is due at registration.


Three books are required. Two are digital, one is hard copy, for a total estimated cost of $230.


The grand total is $25,730.

What Will You Learn?

Diesel Mechanics is a challenging and rewarding career opportunity. The industry requires a person who is flexible and has an honest desire to become fully proficient in the trade area.
Upon completion of the Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute’s Heavy-Duty Truck Program, the student will have accomplished the following educational course objectives:

    • Develop specific skill competencies and related information associated with the occupation of a Heavy-Duty Technician.
    • Develop an understanding of labor and management.
    • Develop effective working habits.
    • Develop occupational safety and understanding of safety guidelines.
    • Develop the ability to work cooperatively with fellow workers.
    • Develop leadership qualities.

Students in our Pennsylvania diesel mechanic program also learn how to interpret technical manuals and electronic diagnostic reports. This allows them to stay up to date on changes to the technology, to interpret what is happening with a particular engine, and to then make the necessary changes or repairs.

Curriculum Overview and Timeline

  • Session 2: Truck Chassis and Brakes​
  • Session 4: Electrical-1
  • Session 5: Advanced Computer Diagnostics

About the Automotive Services Excellence (ASE) Certification

While this is not granted at the end of training, many of our graduates will go on to obtain their ASE Certification. Most have no issues with completing this certification due to the way our ASE training courses at our Pennsylvania facility are structured – our teaching, the way the courses are broken down and taught, and the requirements for passing our course mirror the ASE testing.


Upon completion of our course, our students will be awarded a Heavy-Duty Truck Diesel Repair and Diesel Mechanic Diploma at our Pennsylvania school.


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