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CP Diesel Institute prepares you and gives you the training you need to be successful in today's workforce.

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Welcome to the Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute


Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute has been in business for more then 8 years. We continue to grow each year. By maintaining small class sizes we have helped 100’s of students to succeed in their career choice. We are privately owned and state lisenced. We only teach heavy truck repair, we do not offer any other classes. By focusing on only one thing we have become the best at what we do.
Our Classes are held four days a week from Monday thru Thursday. Total length for the program is 9 months and 620 hours. We offer 5 starts through out the year. Our main start is in September, with other starts in November, January, April, and June
Mission Statement
It is the goal of Central Pennsylvania Diesel Institute to provide quality affordable education to all students. It is our desire to change the lives of students for the better thus changing America one life at a time. We are dedicated to the following:
To promote high ethical standards for students that are becoming employees in the work force.
To promote high educational standards that align with the jobs that the students will be holding in the workforce
We will help each student to see his or her full potential in life.
We will work to instill a positive outcome to all that come in contact with this school 

Click here more information on our curriculum and training program, and be sure to check out our News & Events section for our scheduled activities and latest news.